When functioning properly water only flows through your plumbing system in one direction. Back flow is caused by a sudden increase or decrease of pressure in your sewer system. When this back flow happens it causes wastewater to flow backwards through your plumbing system and out of your drains.
Back flow prevention devices work by forcing the back flow prevention valve to close in the event a back flow occurs. This simple preventative measure could save you $1000's in repairs because a back flow contaminates fresh water pipes making them unsafe until professional cleaned and sanitized.

These devices are so effective that many cities have already mandated them and also require that they be tested at least once a year to ensure they are working properly as sometimes buildup can occur around the valve causing it to stick.

Back flow prevention devices should only be installed, tested and serviced by a state licensed professional plumber with the training necessary to help you with all your back flow prevention needs.

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