Although, compared to the other rooms in your home or business the bathroom is likely the smallest, yet the most utilized. Over time increased wear and tear will likely lead to the need of some sort of bathroom plumbing.

Here's a few signs that you might need bathroom plumbing services.
•Bad smells coming out of your drains.
•Drains that are draining more slowly than they normally do.
•Leaks around faucets, toilet and tub.

In addition to bathroom plumbing repair, if your looking to increase your home's value, upgrades and remodeling your bathroom yields an immediate and high return on investment. When considering upgrading your bathroom's appliances you will have an array of options for each and every one. 

Here's a few options you should consider.
•Sinks - Pedestal, under mount, single, double or maybe unique such as a vestal.
•Showers/Baths - Traditional, modern, walk-in, garden, waterfall shower head, etc.
•Toilets - Various sizes, shape and water consumption.

Regardless of what your bathroom plumbing needs are make the call to Les Plumbing today at 336-855-0213.