A real plumbing emergency can be inconvenient, but even more importantly it can be costly. So, how do you determine if you can wait or if you should call to a professional plumber right away?

Well, there are a few obvious red flags you should look for.  
•Flooding in any part of your home.
•Toilet, Sink or Tub is overflowing.
•Ruptured Pipe that is causing a large amount of water to come up under your floor, leaking from your ceiling or even through your walls.
•Faucet that just won't cut off.

If you have found yourself dealing with any of the above, make no mistake you're dealing with a real plumbing emergency. Les Plumbing in Greensboro understands that like any other emergency, plumbing emergency's tend to occur when you least expect it.  You can count on Les Plumbing to be here when you need us, rain or shine to expedite your plumbing emergency to one of our friendly technicians who will arrive at your home or business quickly to assess and fix your plumbing problem.