Les Plumbing in Greensboro understands that you may not be an expert at knowing how plumbing and sewer cleaning works, so our highly skilled technicians can help you understand what options are best for you.
Our sewer cleaning service includes:
  • Cleaning
  • Rodding
  • Video Camera Inspection
A sewer can be cleaned using a few different techniques.  One of the most common techniques is rodding. Rodding is where a machine is used that has a metal cable and different attachments on the end for cleaning different kinds of pipes and obstructions such as roots. Hydro-jetting or high pressure water can also be used to remove other types of obstructions such as a built up grease.
Les Plumbing also offers video camera inspection, so both the customer and our professional plumber can see what is obstructing your line.  In addition, video camera inspections can also ensure that the line is fully open and determine the overall condition of the sewer. 
We're confident in our sewer cleaning skills and you can be, too. Contact us at 336-855-0213 to have your sewer cleaned today.
If sewer cleaning isn't an option, and you're in need of actual sewer repair or install this will require digging up your lawn to locate the source of the problem. Here at Les Plumbing, we care about your home, so we offer you top-notch sewer repair. Our technicians are professionals in locating the exact source of the problem without destroying your yard. We use the utmost care during the procedure to ensure your property stays intact. When we're done, we safely restore your lawn.
You can trust Les Plumbing to have your sewer working in no time.